Exercise Bike, Black

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  • Type:Exercise Bike
  • Color:Black
  • Sport:Fitness
  • Size:Small
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Suitable For: Adults
    • The aerobic exercise bike helps you do cardio exercises and improve your physical health while adapting your posture as this device allows you to perform excellent training patterns even in a static position to effectively strengthen your heart
    • The resistance handle has been assembled with ease of use to give the advantage of customizing your workout intensity and this provides the ability to burn more calories according to your goal
    • It has an adjustable speed and adjustable seat to provide more room for calories burned according to your goal and it also increases user height
    • Saves Space
    • Ribbon Disk Upgraded
    • Electroplated Disk System
    • Adjustable Resistance
    • Time/Speed/Mileage/heat/Scan
    • Adjustable Seat Cushion
    • Resistance Adjustment
    • LED Display
    • Safety and Comfort Pedal
    • Enlarge and Thicken the Cushion
    Price BHD40.000
    Brand Generic
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