EP M/L Adult Sterilized+ Dog food 10 kg

EP M/L Adult Sterilized+ 10 kg
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  • Brand : Adult Sterilized+
  • Pet Life Stage :Adults
  • Pet Type :Dogs
  • Measuring Unit: 10kg
  • Pet Life Stage :Adults
  • Quantity :1
  • Complete food for adult Dogs
  • Suitable for all Dog breeds
  • Description
  • Complete super premium petfood with chicken and potatoesfor medium and large breed (>10kg) adult dogs (>1 year) after castration or sterilisation. A balanced food mix, based on chicken, specially formulated for sterilized or neutered dogs.
  • Sterilization or castration causes changes in the hormone levels of your dog and, possibly in combination with a low physical activity, can increase the risk of becoming overweight.
  • That is why it is important to adapt your dogís food mix to this changed nutritional need.
  • This way you can help your dog achieve his ideal weight, while maintaining muscle mass, in order to maintain this weight over time.
  • This food mix contains a combination of fibres including psyllium fibres and they have, in addition to their positive effects on the intestinal function, also a positive impact on cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • To support the development of the natural immune system, this food mix is enriched with plant extracts.
  • This high-quality food mix should preferably not be mixed with other food to achieve the intended results.
  • Brand Euro Premium
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