Eloa Aloevera Drink 2x500 ML Assorted

Eloa Aloevera Drink 2x500 ML Assorted
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Product Details
  • Brand: Eloa
  • Product Type: Aloevera drink 2x500 ML
  • Volume : 2x500 ML
  • Weight : 0.5 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer: Green Beverages Ltd
  • Country of origin : Thailand
Product Description
  • Healthier Option – Low in sugar calorie; 100% natural ingredients with no added colorant preservatives or artificial colouring powder gel; GMO-free gluten-free organic drinks
  • Certified Organic – Certified by sa eu usda; tasty delicious refreshments for everyday active lifestyle; suitable for young children kids women men adults families; high level of freshness
  • Sustainable Business – 100% chemical free factory with zero emission and zero waste; harvested on farm combining fresh ingredients bottled within 48 hours; alternative to sugary drinks soft beverages
  • Refreshing Flavour – full flavour classic aloe Vera munch crisp; contains delicious crunchy pulp; delicious taste for summer heat hot day; fresh pulp pieces for crunch chew; bold fresh flavours
Manufacturer Eloa
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