Krypton Box Fan 10inch With 60 Minutes Timer, 3 Speed, KNF6025, Blue/White

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  • Brand:Krypton
  • Model Number:KNF6025
  • Type: Box Fan
  • Color:Blue/White
  • Size:10inch
  • Material:PP
  • Power:45W
  • Timer:60 Minutes
  • Speed option:3
  • AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year of Manufacturer's Warranty
      Krypton Box Fan can be your perfect companion during the hot season. It can be used for both home and office cooling activities. It is a small but powerful fan that can be easily used. It produces a strong airflow on the highest option! With 3 Adjustable speeds, giving you the choice to Meet your cool needs with low and high-level speeds, at a swing. Adjust appropriate fan speed by rotating the speed knob repeatedly. Comes with a high-quality Fan guard, it makes sure to keep your kid's fingers safe.The quiet, powerful motor allows you to adjust for ideal airflow and set fan speed; mount high, and control desired speed with the easy-to-reach pull cords.This personal-sized fan is compact and portable with its lightweight. A built-in handle allows you to move your circulator fan easily from one room to another.
    • POWERFUL COPPER MOTOR, SAFE DESIGN - with this powerful motor, you can enjoy a cool breeze of air, in hot summer, making it ideal for beds, tables, desks and shelves. Elegant table fan with turbo performance. It makes the desk fan extremely suitable for home, library, office and so on. With an enclosed design and high-quality fan guard, it makes sure to keep your kid's fingers safe.
    • 3 SPEED SETTINGS - Multifunctional Fan - Meet your cool needs with 3 level speeds, at a swing. Adjust appropriate fan speed by rotating the speed knob repeatedly.
    • AERODYNAMIC DESIGN - These 5 PP material fan blades provide more air with every rotation and minimize noise. The spiral fan design allows for better airflow control and excellent delivery accuracy. Never fall short of cool air when placing it in your room, office desk or simply carry it while camping for a night of undisturbed sleep.
    • TIMER CONTROL - A timer function is embedded in the fan, which allows you to control the operational hours of the fan. The timer is available for 60 minutes. After running for the set duration, the fan will automatically get switched off.
    • LOW NOISE - It provides a peaceful environment; you will not be troubled by the noise both in life & at work. It can be used when you are studying, sleeping & doing other such activities that require silence.
    Brand Krypton
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