Electrolux Bi Gas Oven Stainless Steel 60cm

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  • Brand:Electrolux
  • Model number: EOG2100AOX
  • Type:Gas Oven
  • Color:Silver toned
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Number of Burners: 1
  • Oven Capacity:55 Litres
  • Power:1700W
  • Voltage:230V
  • Dimensions:59.0 x 59.4 x 56 cm
    • Grilled to perfection – With this oven’s electric grill you can delight your guests to table perfectly grilled dishes nicely browned and crispy.
    • Cooking controlled oven – This makes sure that your dish is overcooked or burnt through the practice of this oven timer. It decreases the cooking time and energy consumption to the minimum. Gas multifunction oven dedicated to those who think that every day deserves a classy menu. And prepare it using only the best tools.
    • The ventilation system that surrounds the heating element helps both to heat the oven faster and to achieve a constant temperature throughout the oven. You can cook several portions of the same food, even on several levels, all with exactly the same result.
    • Thanks to the timer you will hear an acoustic warning signal when the cooking time has ended and the food is ready to be served.
    • Oven cooking functions: Fan + Burning + Rotisserie Grill
    • BurnerElectronic Oven Functions: Beep, warning program end
    • Flood Protection: Hel Bottom and Float
    • Mechanical minute counter
    • Traditional control buttons
    • Easy-to-clean oven
    • Air mixing
    • Oven grill with stop function
    • Skewer
    • Baking functions: bottom frying, grill + skewer, air mixing + circular heating wire
    • Energy input:Electric
    • Oven Capacity:55 Litres
    • Type of Ignition:Electric
    • Door glazing:2 layers
    • Safety Option(s):Safety Thermocouple
    • Body Finish : Silver
    • Typology:Built-in
    • Control Type:Manual
    • Installation Typology:Built-in
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