Dr Seidel Iodophor Universal Shampoo 220ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dermapharm
  • Product Type: Shampoo
  • Quantity: 220ml
  • Suitable For: Dog, Cat, Ferret, Rodent
  • Pet Life Stage: Universal
Product Description
  • Shampoo is also good for the healthy dogs to get rid of unpleasant odour. It can also be used for cats, ferrets, and rodents.
  • Iodophors – iodine complexed with surface-active agents
  • Iodophors exhibit potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties as well as zero toxicity
  • They do not stimulate microbial resistance. Iodophors are well tolerated by both dogs and cats
  • Lanolin is a natural moisturiser
  • It replenishes lipid content and restores the appropriate water and lipid balance
  • The shampoo contains an extra supplement complex to improve hair appearance.
Brand Dr Seidel
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