Dog Pakiet Dnp Pc Recovery 400g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dolina Noteci
  • Product Type: Dog Food
  • Suitable for: Dog
  • Quantity: 400g
  • Pet Life Stage: Adult
  • Food Type: Wet Food
Product Description
  • Complete wet food for convalescent adult dogs of all breeds
  • This wet food for convalescent dogs, after surgery and suffering from a lack of appetite, has an adequate concentration of energy (8% oils and fats) and nutrients and helps to restore the form of a weakened body
  • The product contains linseed oil, rich in n-3 acids, which in appropriate proportions with n-6 acids, they reduce inflammatory processes.
  • The brewer’s yeast (which is a source of mannano-oligosaccharides and beta-glucans) and psyllium seeds are natural prebiotics that support the dog’s immunity
  • L-carnitine increases the body’s efficiency and heart function, while taurine prevents cardiomyopathy and improves the digestive functions of the liver
  • Dogs in poor condition often have no appetite, so the food contains Yukka
  • Mojave extract to increase the secretion of digestive juices and bile to stimulate the appetite
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