Dog Dolina Noteci Premium Pure - Turkey With Potato 800g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dolina Noteci
  • Product Type: Dog Food
  • Suitable for: Dog
  • Package: Can
  • Quantity: 800g
  • Pet Life Stage: Adult
  • Main Ingredient: Turkey
Product Description
  • Complete wet food for adult dogs of all breeds – turkey with potatoes
  • Food allergy is a condition that a pet owner should not take lightly
  • It is then necessary to use an appropriate diet to eliminate the component causing an allergic reaction
  • Dolina Noteci Premium Pure turkey with potatoes mono-protein wet food is a product designed for dogs with a sensitive digestive system that show symptoms of intolerance to a specific type of protein
  • Turkey meat and animal raw materials are characterized by a high content of easily digestible protein rich in exogenous amino acids and fat being a source of valuable fatty acids, especially from the n-6 family
  • Thanks to this, Dolina Noteci Premium Pure turkey with potatoes for dogs with allergies ensures that anti-inflammatory homeostasis is maintained at an appropriate level important for the proper functioning of the digestive tract.
  • The addition of potatoes increases the digestibility of the food and also improves its palatability
Brand Dolina Noteci
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