Dinosaur Jigsaw Book: Includes 4 Jigsaws

Dinosaur Jigsaw Book: Includes 4 Jigsaws
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Categories: 1-3 YEARS, 3-5 years BINDINGS: Hardcover
Itís Stella the Stegosaurusí birthday, but have her dinosaur friends forgotten? Complete each jigsaw and follow the beautifully illustrated story to discover how Stella will celebrate her special day. This super-cute board book combines story book and jigsaw puzzle. Find 4 jigsaws inside, each presenting an exciting scene from Stellaís story. These 9-piece puzzles are just right for children aged 2+ and will improve their logical thinking and hand-eye co-ordination. Illustrated by Maxine Lee, these vibrant full-colour jigsaws contain lots of fun details to spot and talk about, and the story is perfect for reading aloud to dino-mad kids!
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