Delcasa Wooden Cutting Board 22 x 32cm, DC1377, Brown

  • Ultra-strong, attractive, versatile, durable and lightweight construction made from compressed high-quality wood. Moisture resistant, anti-microbial wood effectively prevents warps, splints, or breaks, and also is easy to clean and maintain. Won't dull knife edges. Edges are rounded with a smooth finish to make sure your hands are safe when moving. Easy preparation on large cutting & chopping board - great for bread, vegetables (carrots, onions, mushrooms, cabbage and more) salads (lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, and celery to name a few), fruits (watermelon, apples, oranges & strawberries) and meats (fish, steak, beef, chicken, pork).
  • Dual purpose - cutting board and serving tray - you can use the grooved side for cutting things, and the un-grooved flat surface on the other to cutting bread, pastries and serving cheese and crackers, etc. Easy to store & clean - it also makes it easy to hang the chopping board on wall hooks. Cleaning the wood chopping board is easy with soap and water.
  • ULTRA STRONG, DURABLE, ATTRACTIVE, VERSATILE - Lightweight construction made from 100% premium wood. Perfect for all your chopping, cutting and serving (perfect for serving and presenting bread, cheese and antipasti) needs in the kitchen. Great gift idea for weddings, housewarming, retirement, birthdays and Christmas gifts for all kitchen enthusiasts.
  • LONGER LASTING - The Delcasa Wooden Chopping board will last longer than most low-quality chopping boards. Wooden boards are heavier than most plastic boards, but extremely hard and durable. It’s dense enough for safe chopping, while soft enough to not cause knife.
  • SUSTAINABLE WOOD - Our wood is Eco Friendly and we are delivering top-quality wood with minimal impact on the environment. Wood is a natural product, containing natural deviations in its appearance. Trust that your piece will have its own beautiful unique grain and color
  • MORE THAN JUST CHOPPING BOARDS - Hidden handles on both sides, convenient for cutting boards to be used as plates, used as trays for cheese, bread, etc. To delight your friends and family with this elegant plate.
  • EASY CLEANING - Cleaning the Chopping board is easy with soap and water. Strong antimicrobial construction does not allow moisture to absorb into the wood.
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