Delcasa Stainless Steel Puri Dabba/Lunch Box 14cm, DC1529, Silver

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  • Brand:Delcasa
  • Model Number:DC1529
  • Type:Puri Dabba/Lunch Box
  • Color:Silver
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Size:14cm
  • Weight:200gm
    • HEALTHY, SAFE, AND ECO-FRIENDLY - Plastic containers make for poor health choices. They may leach chemical toxins in your food and typically do not last very long. With our 100% Stainless Steel container you'd be making a healthy and safe choice, with the added benefit of getting years of usage. Delcasa Tiffin products provide a great way to lead a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly lifestyle.
    • Make Meals To-Go Fun, Healthy, and Delicious!Between saving money and helping you keep your diet on track, packing your own lunch is always a great idea. But when leaky containers create a big mess or pre-dressed veggies leave you with a soggy salad, meals-to-go doesn't seem worth the trouble.
    • Keep food fresh and tasty with a set of Tiny Dips Condiment Containers by Delcasa! This container is perfect for dressing, ketchup, salsa, dip, or just about anything else that keeps mealtime full of flavour. They even fit in your purse or pocket for perfectly portioned treats when you're on the go.And don't worry about accidental spills! Our leak-proof design features twist tops and reliable clip locks that make messes a problem of the past.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY LUNCH CONTAINERS - Get this container for packing lunch for children or adults. Single-compartment ROUND lunchbox design is stylish and provides excellent flexibility to unleash your Bento creativity!
    • NOT LEAK-PROOF DUE TO 100% METAL CONSTRUCTION - Damp foods like salad or pasta work great, but since there are no plastic wet foods like soups will not travel well in this container, please remember to never use metal in the microwave.
    • EASY TO CLEAN - Dishwasher safe, no odours retain, you could wash bento lunch box in dishwasher and pat dry to prevent water spot marks. Stainless steel containers can’t be used in microwave ovens.
    • PORTABLE CONVENIENCE - From a superfood salad at a picnic to veggie dishes on a hike, this is the best stainless steel container for storage when traveling, family car trips or eaters on the move! Designed for variety, however, because the lids aren’t watertight be sure to pack only dry foods.
    • KID-FRIENDLY DESIGN - The lunchbox is designed to be friendly for kids. You can easily loosen it or make it snugger by applying gentle pressure. The container lid is leak-proof and compact.
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