Creeperís Got Talent: The Creeper Diaries

Creeperís Got Talent: The Creeper Diaries
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  • Binding:Paperback..
  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years.
  • Gerald made it through the first few weeks of Mob Middle School in one piece (give or take a limb), even if his quest for popularity hasnít led to fame and glory yet.
  • When he hears about the schoolís upcoming talent show, Gerald sets his sights on a new plan: unveiling his hidden talents as a rapper.
  • He can picture it alreadyókids will finally know his name.
  • Theyíll beg for his autograph. Maybe heíll even impress the super-popular Eddy Enderman!
  • But Geraldís got some rivals for that top spot, not the least of which is a band of spider jockeys determined to keep a sixth-grader from winning the show.
  • His sister is determined to blow him out of the water with her cannonball trick.
  • Even his best friend steps up the competition with his slime-block trampoline.
  • In the second book of this hilarious, heavily illustrated, diary format series for Minecrafters, Gerald may win fame and gloryóbut what will he lose along the way?.
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