Creeper Family Vacation

Creeper Family Vacation
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  • Categories: 6-8 years, 9-12 years.
  • Can Gerald survive vacation with his crazy family?
  • The Creeper family is planning a month-long summer vacation! But where will they go? On a road trip across the Overworld? Backpacking in the Extreme Hills?
  • Camping out in caves? Gerald and his sisters canít agree!
  • When Dad suggests they do all three, Gerald hops on board. But he quickly realizes that the only thing worse than being stuck with his sisters at home is being stuck with them in a minecart for hours on end.
  • Cammy is so excited, she keeps blowing up. Cate is sulking because she couldnít pack all her wigs.
  • And Chloe is determined to stir up trouble wherever they goóand sheís dragging Gerald right along with her. Abandoned mineshafts? Letís check íem out! Miners?
  • Letís freak íem out! Cave spiders? Letís blow them into oblivion! To get through this vacation, Gerald is going to have to get creativeóand come up with a serious survival plan.
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