Crea Pre Depilation Lotion, 500 ML

Crea Pre depilation lotion
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  • Brand: Crea
  • Type: Post Wax
  • Quantity: 500 ML
    • Appropriate skin preparation:-This is an essential step for disinfecting the area to be treated, reducing skin sensitivity thus ensuring the most efficient hair removal sessions.
    • Choosing the right wax:-Each esthetician has their own individual skills and clients with different needs.
    • This is why choosing the right wax is so important ensuring the best client experience.
    • Applying the ideal post-treatment product:-Each hair removal session should end with a post-treatment step to maximize your clientsí well-being. …PILLYSS offers a line of products with exclusive formulations that will meet even the highest expectations.
    • Cleans and softens skin before hair removal.
    • Prepares the skin for a more effective hair removal.
    • This superior lotion is your first step to an amazing waxing experience for your client.
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    Size 500ML
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