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Cougar Bunker S RGB Headset Stand- Black

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Product Specifications
  • Brand: Cougar
  • Model Number: CGR-XXNB-HS1RGB
  • Product Type: Headset Stand
  • Color: Black
  • Standard Mode: 80 x 70 x 255 (mm),3.14 x 2.75 x 10.03 (in)
  • Case Mode: 80 x 70 x 90 (mm),3.14 x 2.75 x 3.54 (in)
  • Standard Mode: 132g
  • Case Mode: 93g
Product Features
  • Bunker S RGB’s suction pad makes use of patented technology to attach itself with incredible strength to the surface you want to use it on. This technology protects your headset: the stand won’t fall if it is accidentally hit, even by relatively strong forces
  • Bunker S RGB can be used in two different modes: Standard Mode, in which it is attached to a horizontal surface, and Case Mode, in which it attaches itself to a vertical surface such as your PC case. This gives you leeway to decide how to manage your space, helping you to optimize your desktop layout
  • Bunker S RGB can display fourteen fantastic lighting effects that can be selected merely by pressing a button
  • Ideal for charging or synchronizing electronic devices, connecting extra peripherals or storing data on portable USB drives, Bunker S RGB’s on board two-port USB hub is extremely convenient
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