Maped Color Peps Tatto Prints Metal cover, 12 Colors

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  • Brand: Maped
  • Product Type: Color Peps Tatto Prints
  • Included : 12 Colors
  • Model no : MD-832037
  • Innovative design
  • High quality
  • Maximum comfort
    • Color Peps Tatto Prints Metal cover, 12 Colors
    • A set of colored pencils in a metal case with a cheerful design
    • The case is impact resistant, protects crayons from damage
    • Ergonomic Maped ColorPeps crayons have a triangular body, soft, durable lead and bright colors
    • Pencil thickness 2.9 mm.Case motif: Princess or Pirates. Crayons are part of the Maped Tatoo Child collection
    • In the same design, you can also buy a sharpener, ballpoint pen, scissors or a Viking pencil case or a Princess pencil case
    • impact-resistant case, protects crayons against damage
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