Cloud 9 Bottled Drinking Water – 200ml x 20

Cloud 9 Bottled Drinking Water – 200ml x 20
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  • Brand:Cloud 9
  • Type:Bottled Drinking Water
  • Product Origin:Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Volume:200ml
  • Storage Guidelines:Store in a cool, dry place
  • Packing:200ml x 20
    • The Taste of Purity!! The bliss of reassuring purity in every sip. The light, clear and crisp taste of Cloud 9 will overwhelm your senses. Nothing else can be purer than Cloud 9 & no one else will be surer of it than you.
    • Bahrain has long been fabled for the quality of its drinking water. Cloud 9 carries invigorating Purity & freshness from the Nature, Which is essential for Every Individual. Our Water is Collected from the most trusted sources & the water is then processed at the most advanced, fully automated, zero-bacteria manufacturing facility and bottled with minerals, following the WHO recommendations.
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    Size 200ML
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