Closed Patellar Hot Shaper Knee Support

Closed Patellar Hot Shaper Knee Support
  • Hot Shapers Support Free Size Magnetic Knee Support Tourmaline Electromagnetic Joint Therapy. Easy and comfortable to use. To solve the four big hidden trouble of knee. Movement of sprain Injury .
  • Best use for Old leg knee pain . Also used for Knee Bone Hyperplasia. Different heating time required & heat intensity will be different. After using the product , some skin can have the burning sensation of redness & a longer period of time , this is normal & will gradually go away over time. Sleep time , please don't use this product.
  • These are made with advanced Magnetic & Tourmaline Technology which generates deep, penetrating heat. Natural heat helps increase blood circulation that can relieve sore muscles, achy joints due to aging, ease discomfort, and aid in recovery. It is one size fits most with adjustable straps, requires no plug-in, and can be used an unlimited number of times to provide natural relief.
  • This Knee Support is very easy to use and can protect your knee joint and adjoining muscles from swelling, knee injury and rehabilitation of the knees from accidents and sprains. It helps when you are taking part in various sports and athletic events like marathons, running, weight training, jogging, cycling, biking, and adventure sports.
  • This hand washable knee support is made from soft and flexible materials for better knee protection. It offers quick recovery and rehabilitation from knee injury. The opening on the knee support relieves unnecessary pressure on the knee. It is lightweight and can give protection to your knees when kneeling on hard or rough surfaces.
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