Champ-Richer Dog Shampoo For Fluffy Coats 250ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Dermapharm
  • Product Type: Shampoo
  • Quantity: 250ml
  • Suitable For: Dog
  • Package Type: Bottle
Product Description
  • This is a premium shampoo for dogs with fluffy coat,e.g. Scottish Shepherd Dogs, Poodles, Spitz, thanks to which it will be even softer.
  • This product allows you to gently remove dirt without disturbing the protective barrier of the skin and giving it a silky shine
  • Its formula contains cashmere and d-Panthenol proteins,which strengthen and rebuild the structure of the hair,and at the same time give it volume
  • Volume-giving ingredients
  • Lavender fragrance has a calming effect
  • Effectively removes dirtwithout compromising skin's protective barrier
  • Gives shine, moisturizes skin & de-combs
Brand Champ-Richer
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