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Candy Front Loading Washer Dryer 8/5kg - White

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  • Brand:Candy
  • Model number:CSOW4855T/1-19
  • Type:Washer Dryer
  • Color:White
  • Washer Capacity : 8kg
  • Dryer Capacity : 5kg
  • Spin Speed : 1400RPM
  • Dimensions:850x600x580mm
  • Weight:33.5kg
    Daily 49’:Candy Smart Pro – The Smart Choice For Saving Time
      Thanks most complete set of 7 rapid washing and drying program on the market, Smart Pro helps you to dedicate yourself to the things you love most. The Daily 49’ is a quick cycle that runs your half load in 49 minutes – dedicate your time to yourself with Candy SmartPro.
    7 Rapid programs:Candy Smart Pro is the smartest way to save time.
      Smart Pro is equipped with 7 different drying cycles, ideal to cover all possible needs in less than 90 minutes.
    Full Remote Control
      Candy allows you to have full control with your machine as remotely as possible through the Simply-Fi app; that gives you drying tips and up to 20 additional cycles. Make the smarter choice with Smart Pro.
    Smart Text Display
      Smart Pro facilitates the setting of up your machine to manage your washes as easily and efficiently as possible with the Smart Text Display.
    Easy Iron: Candy Smart Pro is designed to make your daily chores easier.
      The Easy Iron function has a steam action that reduces creases of laundry by 80%. The result is a strong reduction of the time needed to iron your garments.
    Save time with Candy Smart Pro Smartest Technology:
      Smart Pro furnished with the widest set of smart features that make your laundry experience better than it has ever been before via the Simply-Fi app. Candy’s Smart Pro – The Smartest Choice For your Washing Needs.
    Active Motion System: Once again Candy offers simple but smart and innovative solutions.
      The Active Motion System is an innovative washing system that boosts detergent cleaning action by raising the rotation speed of the drum. This solution helps facilitate better cleaning action for your clothes ensuring Candy makes your home living easier.
    5 Digit big touch display: SmartPro’s smart display is the clearest ever
      The Alphabetic Display allows to identify and set up smoothly the best washing options. Once you have selected the best washing option for the specific garments, the alphabetic display shows the name of the program in your native language. In this way you can double check that it’s the right cycle.
    Apparel Care
      Candy SmartPro makes caring for your clothes effortless. The apparel care function built into our new machines, makes drying wool and other delicate fabrics the least worrisome of your chores. Care for your products with Candy Smart Pro.
    • Wash Programmes: 15 + Programs, 7 Rapid Programs, Special Programs: Hand, Wool, Delicate, Hygiene, Other Programs: Dry Wool, Mixed & Coloured, Synthetic,A+++
    • Special Features: SmartPro Washer Dryer 8/5 KG, Daily 49’ Minutes Rapid Cycle, 7 Rapid programs, Full Remote Control, Smart Text Display, Easy Iron, Smartest Technology, Active Motion System, Apparel Care
    • Other Features: WiFi + Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Washer Capacity:8KG
    • Dryer Capacity:5KG
    • Basket Material:Stainless Steel
    • Built In / Free Standing:Free Standing
    • Country Of Origin:China
    • Energy Rating:5 Star
    • Frequency:50 Hz
    • Loading type:Front Load
    • Others:8kg Wash + 5kg Drying
    • Power Consumption:1400 Watts
    • Programs:Hand , Wool, Delicate , Dry Wool, Mixed & Coloured
    • Type:Front Load Washer Dryer
    • Display:5 Digit Big Touch Display
    • Noise Level:61 db
    • Spin Speed:1400 rpm
    • Power Supply:220-240 Volts
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