Budi Universal Car Mount Holder Magnetic Bracket, Black

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  • Brand:Budi
  • Model number:CM522B
  • Type:Universal Car Mount
  • Color:Black
  • 360 Degree Rotation
    • 360 Degree Rotation Magnetic Phone Holder Mount
    • Strong capability of anti-shaking and anti-shocking
    • Truly the best companion on your road trips
    • Portable mini magnetic holder
    • Insert the lock nut into the base neck, connect the lock and the holder to the base with the lock nut.
    • The holder can rotate 360° degrees Arbitrarily bent
    • Place and lock the suction onto the windshield by pressing the lock knob on the base.Suction cup works best on a clean area of the windshield.
    • Remove the protective film from the suction cup. Hover your phone near the magnetic surface and it will be locked securely.
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