Bosch Universal Hedge Cutter- Silver, 480W

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Product Details
  • Brand:Bosch
  • Type:Hedge Cutter
  • Blade width: 60 cm
  • Motor power:480 W
  • Blade length:60 cm
  • Tooth opening:30 mm
  • Slipping clutch torque:60 Nm
  • No-load stroke rate:3.400 spm
  • Weight:3.7 kg
  • Vibration emission value ah:2,5 m/s²
  • Uncertainty K:1,5 m/s²
Product Description
  • ProSilence enables powerful performance with 80% noise reduction to 91 dB(A) 60-cm blade length and 30-mm tooth spacing design for heavy trimming work
  • High-torque slipping clutch enables easy cutting through thick branches
  • Efficient 480 W motor and cutting power for impressive performances
  • Perfect for trimming medium-sized hedges
Optimum Performance Hedgecutter For Medium-sized Hedges With 80% Sound Reduction
  • The corded Universal Hedgecut 60 is perfect for trimming medium-sized hedges, quickly and quietly
  • Encased in the ProSilence 91 dB sound-dampening shell is an energy-efficient 480 W motor, delivering the optimal power and performance with a reduced energy demand and 80% quieter than our leading hedgecutters
  • A high-torque slipping clutch enables cutting through thicker branches with ease and without damage to the motor
  • Its 60-cm-long, laser-cut, diamond-ground blades with a 30-mm tooth opening cut effortlessly through branches up to 30 mm wide for fast and impressive results
  • This Hedgecutter Is Perfect For Trimming Laurel, English yew, holly, hornbeam, and leylandii hedges
Masters All Types Of Applications
  • Universal Hedgecut60 ideal for cutting medium hedges
Functions and Advantages of UniversalHedgeCut 60
  • Encased in the ProSilence hedgecutter, is a sound-dampening shell with an energy-efficient motor
  • This combination delivers a powerful performance with a reduced energy demand and 80% quieter than our leading hedgecutters
  • Consistently precise, clean cuts
  • Comfortable to work in any position
  • Safe wall and path trimming
  • Powerful Sawing Function
Brand Bosch
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