Bosch AHM 30 Manual Mower Spindle Knife, 12 1/2 kg 44 mm Cutting Height (4)

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Product Details
  • Brand:Bosch
  • Type:Manual Mower
  • Material:Alloy Steel
  • Power Source:Hand-operated
  • Colour:Green
  • Style:AHM 30
  • Cutting width:30 Centimetres
  • Operation mode:Manual
  • Cutting system:Spindle knives (4 knives)
  • Cutting height:12-40mm
  • Cutting height adjustment:stepless
  • Bedknife adjustment:click lock
  • Dimensions L x W x H:46 x 42.5 x 46 centimetres
  • Weight:6.4 Kilograms
Product Description
  • Uncomplicated: fast, convenient mowing of small lawns.
  • Efficient: Scissors cutting principle for high cutting quality.
  • Refined: "click" lock for tool-free adjustment of the lower blade.
  • Spindle cutting system with 4 curved blades made of hardened steel
  • Stepless cutting height adjustment and a cutting width of 30 cm
  • The AHM 30 manual mower - for an exact cut for well-groomed lawns
  • With the AHM 30 you can mow small lawns quickly and easily
  • Achieves a high cutting quality thanks to the cutting principle
  • The lower blade can be easily adjusted without tools using the "click" lock
  • The spindle cutting system is equipped with 4 curved blades made of hardened steel
  • The cutting height can be freely adjusted from 12 - 40 mm
  • Box contents: AHM 30, cardboard box
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Brand Bosch
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