Blue Dia 11 in 1 Powerful Cordless Portable Massager for Pain Relief & Workout

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  • Brand: Blue Dia
  • Type:Portable Massager
  • Color:Black
  • Working time:180 minutes
  • Motor noise suppression:1500-3700 rpm
  • Weight: 700gm
    • This powerful yet quiet electric muscle massager features different speeds and vibration patterns, whether you prefer a gentle surface massage or a high-speed massage, you can adjust the vibrations to your comfort level. This massager is well designed and cordless, which makes it convenient to use.
    • You can enjoy the massage at home, office, car, plane, etc. anytime anywhere. The battery can last for approximately 180 minutes on a full charge that takes an hour.
    • Strong and quiet vibration 1500-3700 rpm
    • Cordless and rechargeable with fast charging.
    • Lightweight and slim design at 700g
    • Multiple accessories for all parts of the body.
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