Bestway Swim Safe Baby Vest,Size 51cmx46cm, Age 3-6

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Product Details
  • Brand: Bestway
  • Product Type:Swimsafe Baby Vest
  • Age:Recommended: 3-6
  • Size: 51cmx46cm
  • Inflatable
  • Product Description
  • Bestway 93515 fisher price swim safe baby vest jacket 51cm x 46cm step b premium swim
  • Swim safe swim vest step b, safety valves, sturdy pre-tested vinyl, 2 quick release adjustable buckles, inflatable collar, 3 air chambers, contents: One swim vest
  • Nothing can cause quite such mixed reaction amongst kids as learning to swim, some are natural water babies others need a little more persuasion to take the plunge
  • Kids can also perfect kicking their legs for propulsion through the water and eventually progress to using armbands or a pool float
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    Brand Bestway
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