Bearing Tick & Flea Dog Powder 150g

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Product Details
  • Brand: Bearing
  • Product Type: Dog Powder
  • Pet Type: Dog
  • Quantity:150 g
  • Tick & Flea Powder
  • Remove Tick & Flea completely
  • Do not use with puppies, weak, sick or pregnant pet and during produce milk for puppies
  • Product Description
  • Bearing Tick & Flea Dog Powder 150g
  • For your pet’s cage, put a windless area and apply the product around and inside the cage
  • After 1 hour wash the cage thoroughly before placing your pet back into the cage
  • While using always wear mask & gloves
  • After using always wash hands, clean body and change new cloths
  • Do not let the product into pet’s eye, nose or mouth
  • Brand Bearing
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