Baby Bright Lemon & Vit C Whitening Dark Spot Roller Serum 15ml - Pack Of 3 Pieces

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Product Details
  • Brand: Baby Bright
  • Type: Skin Care
  • Form: Serum
  • Quantity: 15ml x 3 Pieces
Product Description
  • Roller Serum returns clear skin to beautiful skin
  • With features of specially designed rollers help massage to stimulate blood circulation
  • Combines the value of lemons with natural fruit acids (AHA) that help in shedding dead skin cells
  • For smooth and radiant skin Along with rich vitamin C extract with good antioxidants It inhibits the production of melanin pigment under the skin
  • And eliminating dullness on the face Including reducing blemishes, freckles, sunspots, dark spots, acne scars, red-black scars, and uneven skin tone makes skin look radiant and healthy throughout the face
How To Use:
  • Roll the roller and softly massage in a circular motion n dull skin and uneven skin tone. Then gently glide the roller back and forth until the serum is well-absorbed to the skin Avoid contact with eyes and mouth
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