Babe Skin Tone Unifying Fluid 50ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Babe
  • Code: IQU1042
  • Product Type: Skin Care
  • Texture: Liquid
  • Skin Type: Ideal for all Skin Types, in particular oily or combination skin
  • Size: 50ml
  • Formula enriched with actives that moisturise, lighten and illuminate the face
  • Non-photosensitive, usage of 365 days
  • Rapid absorption with matte finish
  • Combination of actives specific to achieving a moisturised, soft and elastic skin
Product Details
  • The Babe Skin Tone Unifying Fluid is the perfect product to treat and moisturize skin
  • With a fluid texture and instant absorption, this product can help facial skin:
  • Reduce or completely stop the formation of dark spots
  • Diminish and lighten current blemishes and redness
  • Unify overall skin tone
  • Lastly, brighten your facial skin to give it a glowing appearance
How To Use
  • To use, pour a small amount of the Babe Skin Tone Unifying Fluid on your hand
  • Apply it on your face, neck and decollete using circular motions
  • Massage gently on the skin until it’s completely absorbed
  • Do not rinse off or remove excess product
  • Glycerine 5.50% respects the skin’s natural complexion and hydrates it deeply in a safe manner. For instance, this product favors epidermis’s natural water retention and ultimately avoids cutaneous dryness
  • Niacinamide 2% is an element that can soothe even the most sensitive skin, providing targeted moisture and softness
  • White 360º 1%, a component that inhibits melanogenesis and melanin synthesis
  • Hydroxitirosol 2% found in the formula is a very powerful antioxidant from olive trees that subsequently blocks the sun which stimulates melanocytes
  • Melanin-Inhibiting Marine Peptide 1% obtained from the Dictyopteris membranacea seaweed. In addition, this ingredient reduces global melanin production in the skin
  • Jojoba Active 0.40% is a natural compound used to reinforce the skin’s natural protective barriers, while it provides moisture and softness at its most external layers
  • Lactic Acid 0.20% is an organic AHA (Alpha Hydroxid Acid) with a powerful keratolytic action that exfoliates pigmented keratinocytes in skin
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