Babe Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream 50ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Babe
  • Code: FAC1003
  • Product Type: Skin Care - Cream
  • Skin Type: All Skin Types
  • Texture: Cream
  • Size: 50ml
  • Age: 10+
  • Skin Issues: Redness, Rosacea/couperose
  • Time of Application: Morning and Afternoon
  • Fights redness, hydrates, reduces inflammation, soothes the skin
  • Formulated without fragrance, mineral oil
Product Details
  • Babe Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream not only reduces inflammation and fights redness but also keeps your skin hydrated up to 24h
  • Its unique formula is ideal for skin prone to redness and for rosacea due to a combination of ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties and help to activate blood circulation
  • Apply Babe Hydro 24h Reactive Skin Cream to previously clean face with a gentle massage until the melting of the microcapsules
  • Use the product daily morning and afternoon. Do not apply at night
  • 0.20% Allantoin that not only repairs the skin but also has softening and soothing properties,3% Anti-Redness Biocomplex a combination of ingredients that help to activate blood circulation and the elasticity of the visible capillary veins reducing its intensity,2% Biolin Prebiotic that acts as a protective shield against microorganisms,0.20% Bisabolol that has anti-inflammatory properties and also calms and moisturizes the skin,0.40% Jojoba Active moisturizes and also reinforces the natural protection of the skin,2% Niacinamide provides moisture and softness while soothing sensitive skin,1% Natural Moisturising Factor a combination of ingredients that provides moisturization,5% Soothing Peptide has anti-inflammatory properties and provides immediate relief from itchiness,0.25% Vitamin E that grants antioxidant properties
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