Azoo Plus Triple Black Water 500ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Azoo Plus
  • Product Type: Aquatic Plant Fertilizers
  • Volume: 500ml
  • Package: Bottle
Product Description
  • Specially formulated for tropical freshwater fish care to create the most natural Amazon black water environment.
  • Contains 3 times higher concentration levels of natural extracts (Humic Acid, Tannin, trace elements, vitamins, fulvic acids. etc.). It is also rich in peats essence and almond leaf extract.
  • Simulates the Amazon black water quality, which can greatly reduce fish stress and promotes fish adaptation to the environment. It also enhances the fish’s natural color.
  • Natural anti-bacteria formula reduces the risk of bacterial infection.
  • The natural concentrated formula promotes Discus, Dwarf Cich lids spawning and the rate of hatching
  • Protects eggs from fungal infection.
Brand Azoo
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