Azoo Bio-Garden Sponge

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Product Details
  • Brand: Azoo
  • Product Type: Bio-Garden Sponge
  • Suitable For: Fish Aquarium
Product Description
  • For freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums, ponds, saltwater and reefs.
  • Special mechanical filter medium for aquariums based on a non-textile synthetic fiber with a special arrangement in its structure that allows a constant flow of water, retaining the solid particles in suspension that pass through the filter
  • This material not only allows to obtain a total classification of the water, but also allows the efficient proliferation of beneficial nitrifying bacteria for your aquarium
  • Very easy to cut, it will easily adapt to any type of filter
  • Thanks to the use of raw materials of the highest quality for its production, this filter medium enjoys a long useful life, since it can be washed repeatedly.
Brand Azoo
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