Azoo Active Filter 1ltr

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Product Details
  • Brand: Azoo
  • Product Type: Active Filter
  • Suitable For: Fish Aquarium
  • Quantity: 1 ltr
  • Included:4 in 1
Product Description
  • AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 is a powerful and unique biological and chemical filter insert combining the power of the 4 best, innovative AZOO cartridges, which are solutions created by a specialized biotechnology department to create the perfect conditions for the life of animals in the aquarium.
  • AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 consists of and combines the advantages of four Calcium & Magnesium Ion, Silver Ion, Anion, Far Infrared-Rays cartridges, making
  • it the most universal filter cartridge with the widest possible spectrum of action and beneficial properties.
  • AZOO ACTIVE FILTER 4in1 is characterized by the largest filtration surface, excellent water-permeable structure, long hydraulic retention time (HRT) and dozens of unique properties not found in other media
  • Active Filter is the most technologically advanced filter medium in the aquarium and has no equivalents
  • No other cartridge even offers a fraction of the Active Filter properties.
Brand Azoo
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