Avery Food Tracebility Lables 98x40mm - 300 Lables per Roll - White

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  • Manufacturer :Avery
  • Model number:ETIHACCP-UK
  • Format:Roll
  • Adhesive Type:Removable
  • Printer type:Pre-Printed, handwriting
  • Label Size :98X40mm
  • Pre-printed with essential information, traceability labels are economical, reliable and easy to use.
  • Adhere perfectly to the whole surface and remove easily without leaving any residue.
  • The labels are the perfect way to clearly label and date prepared contents in gastronorm pans and storage containers for the fridge.
  • Using food traceability labels helps when using the first in first out (FIFO) food storage and handling system which helps minimise the risk of contamination and food borne illness.
  • Dispenser box and micro-perforations between each label for easy and quick use.
Brand Avery
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