Automatic Expand & Contracts Magic Hose, 15m

Automatic Expand & Contracts Magic Hose, 15m
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  • Type:Magic Hose
  • Color:Green
  • Material:Latex Core + ABS Polyester Yarn
  • Connector: EU(3/4")/US(1/2")
  • Length:15m
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 3-15 bar
  • Compact with simple Storage
  • Lightweight
  • Weight:1kg
    • Upgrade Magic Expandable Hose : Upgrade flexible hose, use thread interface in both side, tighten connection + thickened latex core and a powerful polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage.? More durable and longevity.
    • 7 Functional Safety Nozzle : Our water nozzle with 7 pattern hose nozzle. Ergonomic outer is non-slip and comfortable to grip. Rotating bezel for easy choosing kind of nozzle.? Able to give you large range of water cover area and water power.
    • Expandable Flexible Hose : It can safely operate with water pressure up to 13Bar while the normal operating water pressure is just 4-6Bar.? Easy to handle and to storage. Superior flexibility, never tangle, twist, or kink.? The hose can expand up to 3 times of its original length.
    • Premium Quality & Easy Storage : The magic hose can retract down to its original shape for easy storage. Recoils the water hose into small size and keeps it in any storage bag. Features extremely durable latex core, tough outer weave and high quality fittings that made.
    • Wide Application : The expandable hose is suitable for washing car, watering grass, flowers or vegetables for your lawn, cleaning windows or floor for your house, washing your dog cat for your pet etc.
    • Discover How Great The Expandable Hose Really Is Turn On The Water And Be Dazzled By The Power Of The Expandable Hose
    • Delivers a high volume spray
    • Lightweight, compact and easy to handle
    • Never kinks or tangles About the Expandable Hose The Pocket hose is a unique, new alternative to the standard garden hose.
    • Made from durable material and engineered with revolutionary design. This expandable hose is easy to use and to store.
    • Turn on the water and the hose expands to three times of its contracted length.
    • When the water is turned off, the hose returns to its original length.
    • Lightweight, Portable, Compact and EASY to handle
    • Automatically expands and contracts
    • Expands up to three times of its length
    • Never kinks or tangles
    • Strong and durable
    • Expands up to 3 times its original length
    • Automatically contracts when water is turned off
    • The pocket Hose is portable and weighs less than a pound
    • Hangs and stores anywhere Instructions
    • Before using your hose, place the rubber washer firmly inside the female coupling. This will prevent leaking.
    • Turn the on/off value at the end of your hose to the off position.
    • Turn the water on at the source and your hose will automatically expand to its maximum length.
    • When you use the hose for the first time, it is recommended that you first fill the hose and slightly stretch the hose to release any tightness in the outer folded material. Then release the water and refill normally.
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