Aurora Spray Mop

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  • Brand: Aurora
  • Type: Spray Mop
  • Color:White/Grey
  • Material:Carbon fiber dust-lock cloth
  • Mop Head Material:Plastic
  • Water Tank Capacity: 350ml
  • Dimensions:125.00 x 14.00 x 40 cm
  • Weight:840gm
    • New Stainless Steel Sturdy Pole Spray Floor Mop Kit, Microfiber Pads, 360 Rotating Mop Head, 600ML Bottle Wet Mop For Your Kitchen Bathroom Floor Tile.spray mop only sprays right amount of water for your floor and help you to wet floor in advance. Water is quickly atomized into sector spray. So this is very efficient kitchen tool and it helps you to save money. There is no extra water to leave on the floor when you finished cleaning work.
    • The mop pole is made of stainless steel, pole is very sturdy and durable.Mop also improve pole structure. Mop pad is made of microfiber material, it is very soft without worrying that pad can damage your floor.spray mop improved new bottle buckle, the new bottle button can firmly hold the bottle. You needn't worry that bottle will fall down in the process of mopping floor
    • Ergonomic design, easy to use and carry
    • 360 rotating mop head is ideal for cleaning deep, narrow and hard-to-reach corners
    • Transparent water storage tank, press trigger to spray water
    • Includes microfiber pad and cleaning scraper
    • With the slightly wet cleaning tech, spay water when mopping and the floor
    • 125cm long distance spray is achieved by adjusting the mop pole
    • Just weigh 0.75kg, amount to 3 apples, you can lift it easily
    • 350ml water tank, water once and finish a 150-200 square meters cleaning
    • Carbon fiber dust-lock cloth, catches the tiny dust and cleans the gap thoroughly 1.2m lengthen mop pole, clean the corner and high place easily
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