Atomizer Gun II, White

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  • Brand:Healthy Lifestyle
  • Type:Atomizer Gun
  • Model Number: DS350
  • Color: White
  • Battery Capacity:2600mAh
  • Can Capacity:400ml
  • Material:PA high temperature resistant
  • Fast Fogging:Yes
    • Strong: Atomizer sprayer large capacity, fine atomization, anti-flocculation design, normal temperature atomization, no toxic gas is generated during use, and the cleaning effect is better.
    • Newest: Nano spray gun charging time is shortened to 2 hours, and use time is extended to 3 hours.
    • Easy:Atomizer ii spray gun starts spraying with one key, light and small, easy to carry, more convenient for women and the elderly to use.
    • Wide:Sprayer fogger machine can be directly used on the surface of objects, such as hair, sofa, bed, bathtub, clothes, towels, cushions, carpets, keyboards, etc.; outdoor can be used on patios, lawns as garden sprayer.
    • How:Please fully charge the handheld sprayer before using the sprayer for the first time. When using it, press the power button to turn it on, and press twice to turn it off; use the knob to adjust the size and distance of the spray.
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