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Ariete Ice Cream Maker Twin - White/Red

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  • Brand:Ariete
  • Model number:0631GEL
  • Type:Ice Cream Maker
  • Color:White/Red
  • Power:9.5W
  • Capacity:400ml
  • Preparation time:20/30 min
  • AC:220-240V/50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions:27 x 32 x 18 cm
  • Weight:2.84kg
    • Prepares two delicius ice cream mugs in your favourite flavour Self-cooling cups to be put in the freezer and have them always ready The easy assembly enables efficient functioning
    • The Twin Ice Cream Maker is the ice cream maker that pleases everyone, as it allows you to prepare two different flavors of ice cream at the same time. The cooling cups can be stored directly in the freezer, so that they are always ready for use. Once the ice cream is ready, they can be used as the practical container in which the ice cream is consumed.
    • Double flavour: Thanks to the two cups with a 400 ml capacity each, it is possible to prepare two different flavors of ice cream at the same time, to satisfy all palates Ice cream ready in just a few minutes: it takes about 20 minutes to obtain a creamy ice cream ready to be enjoyed
    • 2 cones to add the ingredients: the two convenient cones supplied, allow you to easily pour your ingredients into the cups; you can do this while the ice cream maker is on
    • Store directly in the freezer: enjoy freshly made ice cream straight from the cup or store it in the freezer to enjoy whenever you want
    • The benefits of homemade ice cream: delicious, tasty, creamy, prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients, homemade ice cream is healthy, nutritious and helps you spend less
    Brand Ariete
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