Ard AL Zaafaran Perfumes Bakhoor Dalua Incense

CubaT-Ard AL Zaafaran Perfumes Bakhoor Dalua Incense
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  • Brand:Ard AL Zaafaran
  • Type:Perfumes
  • Quantity:40g
    • A treat for the senses - Bakhour Dalua, fragrant woods, enriched with fine, fragrant oils.
    • Incense burning in the old Arab tradition as it is practised even today. During burning incense on charcoal valuable fragrances are released and spread a relaxing lovely scent.
    • Fragrance: Oudh, sandalwood, musk, caramel, fresh, sweet, floral
    • Look: Shaped pieces to snap off
    • Notes for incense burning with Bakhour: In order to burn incense with Bakhour, it is best to use Charcoal. The Charcoal is first ignited over a flame. Ideal are special lighters or a candle flame. After the charcoal begins to glow, it is placed in a Bakhoor holder or another fireproof dish.
    • Now on the coal, the Bakhoor is placed and the smoking process can begin. After smoking with Bakhour please ventilate the area.
    • Safety Notice: During incense burning can occur very high temperatures. Incense burners can become very hot. There is a risk of fire. Gloves and a fireproof dish are recommended. Keep children and animals always away.Please do not leave unattended while in use.
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