AR Snail White Gluta Healthy Body Wash, 800ml

  • It contains a blend of snail extract and glutathione which is widely known as the best skin ingredient. Bath lotion for clean and healthy skin. A specially moisturizing and whitening bath lotion. Formulated to be brighter, healthier and younger with the high-tech of Concentrated Snail
  • Filter: Helps restore moisture and make skin look younger and healthy. Combining the use of Snell White Body Wash and Whitening Body Lotion will give you the radiant, youthful, hydrated skin you've always wanted.
  • Snail mucus: helps the skin retain moisture for a long time. The skin will appear firmer.
  • Glutathione: A popular whitening agent, it helps your skin to become brighter and look naturally radiant and not sensitive to the sun.
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