Aquael Pump Unipump 1500

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Product Details
  • Brand: Aquael
  • Product Type: Pump
  • Power consumption: 9 W
  • Pump flow rate: 700 l/h
  • Water column: max. 1.450 mm
  • Aquael Unipump: 1.000
  • Power consumption: 15 W
  • Pump flow rate: 1.000 l/h
  • Water column: max. 1.450 mm
  • Aquael Unipump: 1.500
  • Power consumption: 19 W
  • Pump flow rate: 1.500 l/h
  • Water column: max. 1.550 mm
Product Description
  • Aquael has expanded its range of products to include three novelty aquarium pumps
  • The Unipump 700, Unipump 1.000 and Unipump 1.500
  • Their main features are excellent energy efficiency, high performance, small size, and modern design
  • These pumps can serve to pump water or to actuate canister filters and other aquarium devices like sterilisers, coolers and skimmers.
  • Thanks to the waterproof design, they can be operated either fully submerged in the water or beside the aquarium as a straightway pump. The pumps are suitable for use in fresh water and salt water alike. Their main advantage is the small size
  • They will fit into any fish tank, in any paludarium, or aquarium cabinet. Due to modern parts a low power consumption as well as quiet operation is possible.
  • In addition, they have a modern design that will combine perfectly with other devices used in the aquarium
Brand Aquael
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