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Aluminum Foil Butyl Waterproof Tape

RT-Waterproof Tape
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  • Type:Waterproof Tape
  • Color:Silvery
  • Material: Aluminum Foil Backing/ Butyl Rubber
    • Aluminum Foil Tape Super Fix Repair Wall Crack Thicken Butyl Waterproof Tape High Temperature Resistant And Not Easy To Corrode
    • Butyl seal tape rubber seal tape covered with Aluminium Foil.
    • Weather resistance, aging resistance.
    • Waterproof, sealed and chemically resistant.
    • High temperature resistant and UV resistant.
    • Convenient to use.
    • Durable and practical.
    • Used in roofing of the building, surface crack, RV repair, window, boat Sealing, glass and roof patching.
    Price BHD3.500
    Wallet Cash Back BHD0.000
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