Alpha Arbutin 3 Plus Collagen Body Lotion, 500ml

  • New format with triple thick alpha-arbutin for soft, smooth and radiant skin. Especially effectively restores damaged skin from sunburn. Removes dark pigmentation and additionally moisturizes the skin. Collagen helps to neutralize aging factors and improve skin elasticity.
  • Lightweight body lotion. Quickly absorbed. Non-sticky. Feel light and comfortable. Helps to exfoliate damaged skin cells. Your skin looks radiant and bright.
  • Body lotion to brighten the skin. The cream is soft and smooth. Easily absorbed into the skin. It contains Alpha Arbutin and intense collagen. This lotion increases firmness and gives back your glowing, natural-looking complexion. It revitalizes dry skin and also helps to restore the lack of nourishment skin to return soft and smooth again
  • New form with Alpha Arbutin 3 times thicker texture to make the skin soft and smooth , white light and flawless
  • Restores damaged skin, dark pigmentation from sunburn is extremely effective
  • Additional moisture , the skin is not only whiter but also graceful , smooth
  • Collagen in the skin lotion against these factors of aging & increase elasticity to the skin
How to Use:
  • Use after shower. Just apply and leave without rinsing.
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