Alpha Arbutin 3 Plus Collagen Bath Cream, 450ml

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  • Brand:Alpha Arbutin
  • Type:Bath Cream
  • Targeted group:Men & Women
  • Quantity: 450ml
  • Skin Type: All
    • Alpha Arbutin Collagen Brightening Shower Gel originated from Thailand, skin care 3 times with active ingredient Alpha Arbutin effectively brightens the skin and softens and provides milk protein formula. Skin moisture. Gently cleanses the skin, giving her a feeling of freshness.
    • Removes dirt, dead cells on the skin
    • Helps brighten skin effectively
    • Helps to fight oxidation, absorb Tanni and eliminate melanin pigmentation from the body
    • Prevents the formation of dark pigmentation on the skin
    • Erase bruises
    • Keep skin smooth, fresh
    • Mild, attractive fragrance
    • Increases pigmentation, reduces the level of darkening after exposure to ultraviolet rays, especially in the skin exposed to the sun by the strong activity of melanocytes.
    • Even skin tone, quickly remove brown spots accumulated on the skin.
    • Reduce freckles: Freckles are concentrated melanin clusters, formed and color intensity can be activated by frequent UVB rays, stimulating melanin production.
    • By melanocytes. Alpha-Arbutin inhibits melanocyte activity and supports the decline of melanin in the keratogenous layer.
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