AloeDent Anti-Cavity Sensitive Tooth Paste 100ml

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Product Details
  • Brand: Aloe Dent
  • Type: Tooth Paste
  • Flavor: Aloe Vera
  • Size: 100ml
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place
Product Description
  • An ideal toothpaste with natural ingredients that suits all oral and dental needs.
  • Enriched with 100% natural aloe vera extract.
  • Keeps your teeth healthy and healthy.
  • Fortified with fluoride responsible for the strength and hardness of teeth.
  • Fortified with silica that gives your teeth safe whitening.
  • Toothpaste provides teeth whitening, fights cavities and removes stains and tartar easily, the paste provides a gentle foam that reaches the farthest places in the mouth to provide cleaning and shine to the teeth.
Benefits & Features:
  • Helps remove surface stains on the teeth.
  • It improves bad breath.
  • Helps fight stains caused by tea and coffee.
  • Provides a great smile.
  • Reducing tooth sensitivity.
  • Helps maintain healthy gums.
  • It strengthens the gums.
  • Gives fresh breath and permanent whiteness and gets rid of bad breath.
How to Use:
  • Use daily morning and evening for visible results.
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