Allstar Innovations Sock Slider: The Easy On/Off Sock Aid Kit & Shoe Horn - No Pain, No Bending, Stretching/ Straining

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  • Brand:Allstar Innovations
  • Type:Sock Slider
  • Color:Blue
  • Dimensions:6 x 4 x 10 inches
    • SOCK SLIDER: The fast & easy way to put on & take off your socks comfortably
    • EASY TO USE: Place your sock on the cradle, lower the cradle to the floor and slide your foot in
    • PERFECT FOR: Users with mobility limitations, injuries, and pregnancy
    • VERSATILE: Works with all kinds of socks (Dress, Casual, Athletic & Compression) & works as shoe horn
    • COMPACT: Packs up easy for storage & convenient travel. Handle designed to work as a shoe horn
    • Mobility LImitations: Perfect elderly people or those that have mobility limitations that would prevent them from being able to bend over and tie their shoes.
    • Injuries: For those that suffer a back or leg injury, make recovery a bit easier with the Sock Slider. Make putting on your socks easier so you don't chance reinjuring yourself.
    • Pregnancy: For pregnant women, the simple act of putting on socks can become a real chore, and someone is not always around to help. This simple device helps you gain back your independence.
    • The Sock Slider System consists of the sock cradle and a long handle that will help you slide your socks on without bending over, twisting or turning. The handle will also help you take your socks off when you're done wearing them and help you hold your shoes in place while you put them on. This system works with most types of socks, regardless of whether you choose dress socks, casual ones, athletic ones, or even compression socks.
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