Agility Ladder 5 Meters, Red&White

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  • Type:Agility Ladder
  • Color:Red&White
  • Material:PP
  • Length: 5 Meter
  • Number of steps:10
    • Agility Training Ladder made from high quality durable material.
    • Ladder 5 Meter long with Adjustable rung distance along with durable nylon straps
    • Stable & Safe - Made from study PP material, the heavy-duty plastic rungs won't move easily and the individual rungs can be moved and changed for special needs.
    • Quick Setup - Simply unravel the straps and rungs to set up on surfaces for use. Carrying a bag to keep it organized.
    • Suits personal or team training, beginners or pros to develop the core skills and improve foot speed, body control, lateral response, coordination, overall balance and general fitness meet all your workout demands.
    • Ideal for athletic training, football, soccer, basketball drills, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, badminton, rugby to increase acceleration, leg strength, and speed, core skills, balance, rhythm, and body control
    • Ladder Training allows to do limitless drills that gradually boost functional performance and improve your overall fitness level, no matter you are a beginner or pr
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