Active Fun 12 Feet Trampoline, ATFAFT12

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  • Brand:Active Fun
  • Type:Trampoline
  • Color:Black
  • Size:12 feet
  • Skills:Physical Development
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Recommended Age:4 years and above
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Mat material:Polypropylene
  • Maximum User Weight:140kgs
  • Product Dimension:366 cm x 290 cm
  • Product Weight:86.900 kg
  • Safety instructions:Children under 3 years old should be under direct supervision of an adult.
    • This 12 feet Trampoline from Active Fun has the advantage that the arches and the internal safety net can be folded in in a few seconds. This protects it from weathering, wind and unauthorized use. The idea behind the development of Active Fun is a high-quality trampoline that can be secured so easily that this no longer happens.
    • The most important feature of trampoline jumping is the low stress on joints and the low stress on tendons and ligaments. Trampoline training is just as possible for people with injuries as it is for seniors who can no longer climb, run, etc., so that they can stay active and at the same time spare their bodies the heavy strain of conventional sports.
    • It has an amazing feature where you can fold the enclosure and cover it while not in used to protect from dust.
    • It can be folded in 90 seconds for storage and safekeeping to eliminate the risk of damage caused by heavy weather.It has stabilizers to stop from wobbling.Made of High – Quality Materials which holds 100kgs max user weight.
    • Heavy duty plastic buckles on enclosure allow for quick assembly and disassembly. Made with high quality materials Made with not toxic materials Perfect gift for you children Perfect for outdoor activities All components for the trampoline Safety net
    • Jumping on Active Fun Recreational Trampolines is steady and confident.Arches fold for storage, safekeeping and parental control.The arches of Active Fun Recreational Trampolines can be folded easily after use, eliminate the risk of damage by foul weather.
    • The folding arches efficiently provide a way to prevent unauthorized use of the trampoline.Heavy-duty plastic buckles on enclosure allow for quick assembly and disassembly.The buckles are adjustable, hold the enclosure net tightly and firmly, no hazard of fall or collapse.
    • Bouncing on Active Fun Trampoline is great fun for people in any age. Active Fun Trampoline is your best choice, it is sturdy, safe and durable.Unique, ingenious, distinctive design created by professionals in the art, manufactured with supreme quality, Active Fun Recreational Trampolines represent safety, durability, steadiness and confidence
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