Abdominal Exercises and Waist Lift Device, Black

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  • Type:Exercises Device
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Steel
  • Suitable For: Adults
  • Sport:Fitness
    • It is considered one of the best abdominal tightening devices, as the device focuses heavily on strengthening the abdominal muscles thanks to its arch design, which made it one of the most powerful devices that achieve remarkable results as well as isolates body muscles such as the thigh muscles
    • It is possible to add weights to increase the pressure and difficulty of exercise, and thus increase the resistance in order to achieve greater effectiveness in strengthening and tightening the abdominal muscles within a period of two to three weeks, if it is continued to use it five times a week
    • The device targets the abdominal muscles and the waist area in a focused and complete manner, which achieves amazing and sure results in tightening the abdomen by 100%
    • It helps isolate the muscles of the thighs and the muscles of the rest of the body, and highlights the abdominal muscles
    • It does not cause back pain
    • Suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals
    • Price not include fixing
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