Abdominal acccesson

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  • Small size, light weight, easy to carry, high quality foam, safe and environmentally friendly, reduce friction, safer movement, pure rubber large suction cup for all kinds of smooth ground, can be adjusted in three steps
  • Exquisite appearance, easy to carry, sturdy and durable, easy to use, used to exercise the abdomen, waist and hips, arms and other body parts, the required parts for exercise is simple, easy to use at home, and more effective exercise.
  • Applicable to young men and women, sports men and women, postpartum fat mom, can be used for sit-ups, rollovers, push-ups
  • A way to exercise. Sit on the back, legs close together, lift on both hands, use the abdominal muscles to contract, swing the arms forward, quickly into a sitting position, the upper body continues to bend forward, both hands touch the foot, bow; then return to a sitting position. This is done continuously.
  • Speed must vary from person to person. You can try to do it 5 times a minute, then slowly increase it until you reach about 50 times.
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